Our work


Saraswatha Academy School, Gowlipura

Being one of the first initiatives, Mitta Foundation helped renovate the Saraswatha Academy School located in the old city of Hyderabad (Gowlipura) through a variety projects being implemented for more than a decade now.

Some of the work done includes:

  • Demolition of the old building, temporary sheds and construction of new classrooms

  • Construction of science laboratory, computer laboratory, meeting hall and library hall

  • Classroom furniture and computers

  • Construction of separate restrooms for girls and boys

  • Provision of drinking water tank

  • Supporting extra curriculum: Yoga, music, dance, reading, field and educational trips, career guidance and counselling

Refah E Aam High School, Haribowli

Through permanently recognised by the government, Refah E Aam High School, located in Haribowli (old city in Hyderabad) was in a neglected state. Through a number of projects and initiatives, Mitta Foundation helped the school improve its infrastructure and provide better quality education for its students.

Following infrastructure and facilities were provided:

  • Construction of new classrooms, library, computer lab and multipurpose hall

  • Separate restrooms for boys and girls

  • Basketball court as per national standards

  • Furnishing of class rooms and provision of computers

Munnuru Kapu Sangam, Hyderabad


A scholarship fund for students was established and is ongoing for students at Munnuru Kapu Sangam at Kachiguda, Hyderabad.

public health

Hospital renovation and equipment

  • Funding of renovation work at Osmania and Gandhi Hospitals in Hyderabad

  • Set up a physiotherapy center and free clinic at Munnuru Kapu Sangam, Kachiguda

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mitta Foundation raised funds and provided PPE kits, infant warmers and monitors to Gandhi Hospital​

child health
  • Annual comprehensive health check-up for all staff and children from Saraswatha Academy and Sweekaar-Upkar

  • Psychology Session visit by Manjula for parents, teachers and children.

  • Restroom construction at Saraswatha Academy and in MVVVKG

  • Sanitary napkins – Initiated reusable sanitary napkins project. Major initiative we have taken to empower women, to provide as many women as possible with napkins. Mitta Foundation has been involved in making and distribution of the same.

  • Nutrition - Providing milk and healthy snacks daily at Saraswatha Academy

  • During COVID-19 pandemic, distributed food and kits for more than 300 families at Saraswatha Academy through Akshay Patra


​Self Sustenance Project Initiatives
  • Established a vocational skills development center at Refah E Aam School in Haribowli

  • Established a Women Sewing Center where are taking up masks, reusable sanitary napkins manufacturing